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A core value which was always present and at the heart of our conditions of satisfactions to launch AnimaVDO was the idea of keeping all options open to properly serve all type of clients, rather than just concentrating on one or two market niches as is often done by many of our competitors.


By consequence, whether you are a Professional, Self employed, Non-Profit Organization, Social Cooperative, Big Business sort of company, Small and Medium-sized business… in a nutshell, and according to your mission, needs, latitude for action, etc., AnimaVDO is proud of its exceptional capacity of adaptation.


This is why, once we agree on the win-win requirement for any possible transaction, that it becomes easy to understand why we offer many kinds of rates, as is explained with full disclosure and in good faith on our website.


It is AnimaVDO’s way to contribute, and even sometimes to give a little more, to new and upcoming companies.


For more details, please consult our section which explains Our Rates >>>


Welcome to AnimaVDO

The world is a complicated place.

We can assist you in finding your way.


We offer a full range of Services and

we specialize in Multimedia, video

and 3D-CAD*.


Our services are offered in English and in French.


Indeed, we are 100% bilingual and

 “We know how to serve you well”.


*  CAD or "Computer-Aided Drafting"
   as is more commonly known.


About us

  •  » 3D CAD Site Planning

    You have an event that requires serious planning and your team will only have a few hours to prepare your event on a site they are not familiar with?


    Need to prepare detailed lists for stanchions, pipes and drapes, mats, tables, chairs, promo kiosks, etc. and also need to plan the visitor’s traffic on the floor, while not leaving anything to chance and only having one opportunity to make an excellent impression?


    AnimaVDO can prepare totally scaled and virtual site planning, offering as many virtual visits of the best setup for you to optimize your global design.  We can also generate virtual scale models and synthesized images for your marketing and promotion and/or maps for visitors. It is also easy for us to generate site assembly manuals to make sure your team will confidently assemble your event site efficiently, in record time and without glitches.


    To lear more about 3D CAD Site Planning, you should look at the following  :



    And do not forget to look  at "Site Manual example

     for an international event in Montreal"

    (in the "Real Examples" tab)

  •  » Interactive PDF Publications, for Web and Printings

    Interactive certificates, medical forms, corporate reports, user manuals for on site logistics at events, etc.

    All this while also generating special Web pages for clients that wish to better serve their clients...


  •  » Graphic Works

    The design and production software InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrators, Dreamweaver, Muse, Acrobat Pro, After Effect and Première are our perfectly mastered tools in our daily high skilled trade, allowing us to rapidly produce and deliver promo posters, invitation cards, banners (for Web and/or print), clothing designs, video productions, etc.


    Whether it is visual for TV, advertisement billboards, large or small screens, for mobiles or for printed medias, etc.,  in a nutshell, if anything is required, don’t worry, we can and we will deliver the goods.

  •  » Video productions


    • need a « docu-promo » quality video?
    • wish to celebrate someone or something special?
    • need a musical piece, even an orchestral one,
      for your video?


     Each and every need is always done
    to your satisfaction.

  •  » Design and maintenance of Web sites 
 & Internet based solutions
    • Design, planning and production of Web sites with respect of many needs and maximum flexibility for the owners/users.

    • Website maintenance and updates, including possible modifications to already existing websites (even bad ones) that were done by someone else. (Indeed, we have to admit, quite often will we fix other’s mistakes...)

    • Have you ever wondered about the quality of a supplier or about a website project in any planning or assembly stages? AnimaVDO can act as a third party counterpart expert to measure, evaluate and assess the promised goods and the realism of deadlines for proposed solutions and goods to be delivered.  This often can save you headaches and make for better website delivery.
  •  » Custom Solutions to increase productivity and provide optimal flexibility

    Thanks to our unique and exclusive network of well-seasoned technical experts (highly hyper specialized ‘nerds’), AnimaVDO can orchestrate delivery for targeted special projects and will promote consistent commitment to great results for its clients whenever their in-house staff or their usual services suppliers, are both unable to deliver.


    For example, if our client urgently needs to access a transactional database, even one that operates via “cross-domain” data management (i.e. for exchanges with another database that is not compatible or bridgeable, yet is available by GUI over internet) AnimaVDO will quickly and efficiently deliver customized solutions to convert your need into a winning solution and that, at a truly low cost.


    Indeed, in a particular case, one of our clients had a chronic delay of many months of backlogged data to be processed for their own client base. AnimaVDO made sure that they could catch up the backlog and furthermore,  to need to only take a few minutes per weeks for all future clients’ s requests. (This was done by putting in place a custom MySQL DataBase Solution running on a Linux server for an efficient and inexpensive solution which allows a browser easy access via a secure interface.)

    Bottom line? Never ever piling backlogs, no more delays, just good and fast results. Period.
     And better yet, a very very happy client!


    To resume, AnimaVDO’s constant goal is to make sure our clients shine in their market  while working in the back-scene and delivering them quality and long-lasting solutions. All this while making sure our clients will save time and money!  From time to time,  we even ensure our clients will socially and technically save face... better yet, usually for a much lower bill than they would expect for bringing forth, in a hurry, a quick and topnotch solution!

What we can do for you

Real Examples

Since a picture is worth a thousand words,

here are a few items for you to look at...


  •  » Our daily target

    Making you shine (at a lesser cost) all the while aiming at the best results for your targeted needs.


  •  » Philosophy 101

    Excellence is a concept that transcends Aestheticism...

    It is also a matter of efficiency and applied know-how.


    As in any well executed project, minimizing delays and all related costs is truly based on a smart mix of Knowing how to:


    • Do (applied skills and expertise);
    • Be (active listening to people’s needs);
    • Use grounded thinking and acting proactively.
      (Because action without prior adequate planning may and
       will often end up costing more... Usually for all the wrong reasons..)


  •  » Good to know... Our playing field.

    We have been successfully operating
    for more than 7 years now.


    Of course, since it operates in a multi media virtual world, AnimaVDO has clients everywhere, in Canada, in the U.S.A., in Europe, etc.


    We have developed unique set of strong collaborating ties with communities and sport's domains. We also have corporate clients and, of course, clients in the private sector.


    More than 90% of our new clients are generated through referral from our current satisfied clients.


    AnimaVDO also offers special rates for Non-Profit Organizations.


    What is more, AnimaVDO offers an appreciable discount (up to 20%) for all invoices paid within 72 hours after having been forwarded to the client (certain conditions apply... see details on our rate page >>> ).

  •  » Interactive PDF publication

    Click on the image below to download an interactive PDF and view this example (or, follow this link:


  •  » Interactive Web publication

    Click on the image below to view an interactive webpage and see this example (or, follow this link:


  •  » Flipbook style publications

    Here are 2 examples of FlipBook publications.

    Just click on the images below to see these illustrated publications (virtual magazines).


    Karate Canada Newsletter


    Promo/mini catalog for

    Fourrures Unik Recyclées



  •  » Video productions

    Here are a few video examples (note that the soundtracks are all synthesized and produced in MIDI) :


         Piano Concerto / Mozart >>>          Piano solo / Debussy >>>...



    3 other examplesOrchestra / Bach >>>Ensemble / Saint-Saëns >>>Piano Solo / Elgar >>>


    About these videos :

    AnimaVDO and Productions In Memoriam Inc.

    are two entities belonging to the same owner.

    Its the same technical and video team that does it all, thus we are presenting your these productions.


  •  » Site Manual example for an international event in Montreal (with Photo of final setup)

    Here is a link for a ZIP file in which you will find one of our many user manual productions for an event site planning and assembly.

    You will also find a photo taken on the site

    during the event.


    Click on the icon below to access this 36 MB file.


    Promo CAD plus Photo 2016.ZIP

    FYI :

    Here is what you will find in the ZIP :

  •  » Dynamic form for online request processing 
 (+ User Manual)

    Here is an interactive order form.

    It was a project for a Non-Profit Organization in

    martial arts combat sport (Taekwondo Canada).


    You just need to click on the images below

    to view these webpages.

          Note : The form is designed to work on PC and Mac computers but is not adapted for mobile systems (cell phone/tablet)



    and the user help file...



Looking forward to serve you well.


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